Here in My Heart

Maybe You Can Do This Special Favor for Me...
Whenever we're apart,
I want you to keep me in your heart
and in your mind.

Just quietly close your eyes once in a while
and imagine me here, smiling and thinking
such thankful thoughts of you.

For I spend so many quiet moments
of my own
thinking how much I miss you,
how hard it is to be apart,
and how wonderful it is
that you're always with me,
here in my heart.

I mentioned earlier in this post  We Dont Always Get Chances Like This  how I found this wonderful book For You, Just Because You're Very Special to Me -thoughts to share with a wonderful person by Douglas Pagels. I started out reading it to Kal every night before his nightly book, but slowly it became less and less often.  Tonight,  I was fortunate enough to spend some extra time with Kal before bed.  I read him a few chapters from Junie B. and then picked up the special book and read him an excerpt.  Just me to him. I looked up when I was done reading and he said to me, "That was nice."

He had an odd expression on his face that made me take a closer look.  I seriously thought he had something in his eye and asked him.  "No," he managed to reply.

Then, the tears rolled down his cheek.  My seven year old was so moved by these simple words that he was brought to tears?  Words I think he knows in his heart without being reminded.  But maybe not.  I too,  was now all choked up.  "That was nice,"  I said,  "and so very true.  I think of you all the time when I am at work and I wonder what you are doing.  Are you in gym class or out at recess? "

"Mom,  recess is at 12:30 and gym class is at the end of the day,"  he reminded me so matter of fact.  Like a seven year old,  I guess.

"I know,  but sometimes I forget and I just wonder what you are doing, who you are talking to and if you are smiling,"  I explained.

"Really?  You really think of me during the day?"  he asked.

"You are always here in my heart,"  I said as I pointed to my heart.

I must remember to say these simple words more often.  As CHD Awareness Week winds down,  I must remember to make every week a week for touching the hearts of those I love.  For finding a way to remind them that are so important to me.

One out of 1 hundred.

Kal's first day of First grade
September 2012.

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