Post-Op Pics

Post -Op Baby Pics-not for the faint of heart

Kalvin six days old.   Day One following 8 hours of by-pass surgery.  d-transposition of the great arteries, VSD, ASD, COARC, pulmonary stenosis.  His heart is not closed in this photo hence the plastic covering and gauze.


  1. Looks like he got bloated like my parents said I did. They had trouble recognizing me and my dad almost passed out.

  2. Yes Caryn, very bloated!! And also, his chest is not closed in this picture. that is why there is the patch and yellowish tape over his chest. It was too swollen to close immediately after surgery. It was left open like this for a few days. It is very hard to first see as a parent. I always suggest parents go and take a tour of the Cardiac ICU before their baby undergoes surgery. Or look at pictures like this. I hope you are doing well. Thanks for commenting and stopping by. XO