When Life Hands You Lemons

When life hands you lemons...you make lemonade.  We were at a party today and someone asked my husband about Kalvin's upcoming surgery.  I heard my husband breifly explain what was happening.

The person turned to me and smiled and said, "I asked him about it, he didn't offer it up as a topic."  As if my husband runs around talking about Kalvin's leg and or his heart.  I guess you have to know my husband and know how little he ever talks about Kalvin's medical background to appreciate the story, but I will go on.

It just hit me that this person wasn't really listening to what Lars was saying and wasn't really interested.  It made me think, "Why am I always so interested in other children's health.  Why do I want to know every last detail?  Is this because of what we have been through with Kalvin?  Do all other parents with chronically ill children find themselves deeply interested in hearing stories of other children with chronic issues?"

I am not sure.  If I didn't have a child with congenital heart defects, would I still be so interested?  I cannot answer that, but I guess I would not be able to relate to the other's stories in the same way I do now.  Things for us have not been that bad.  But I do know how they have changed me.  Changed my husband.  Changed out extended families.  Life is not the same.  Does not mean it is worse, does not mean it is better.  But it is, all we will ever know. 

I guess that it alters my thinking and my perception.  I know how blessed we are.  I know how tough things are for others.  I can only try to offer prayers and blessings to others.  I have mentioned a dear sweet boy to you in past posts, Will.  His father is a truly inspiring parent.  Please take a moment and read this.  And once you do,  I hope you will take a moment and send some positive thought and well wishes their way.  Will has recently undergone brain surgery.  How is father answers his nine year old boy's questions is inspiring.  His words will offer you hope.  They will leave you speechless and counting your blessings.  I promise.

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