We're Back!

It has been a long time since I sat down to write.  I truly miss it.  I have been thinking about sitting down here to write, but never make the time to do so.  And then, as life sometimes works in mysterious ways, Kalvin struck a cord that left me no choice.

 Kalvin is an early riser-the only early riser in our immediate family.  He is up at six am each morning regardless of what time he goes to sleep the night before.  He uses this time alone to watch any and every sporting event from the prior evening that he das DVR'd.  Then  he continues on watching highlights and analysis of these same events.  At nine years old, he knows what he wants to be when he grows up-a sports announcer.  He practices announcing while watching the various events.  It is a gift to watch him doing what he loves.  So, I was totally taken by surprise when this morning he told me he had been reading the blog, our blog:  One in 1 Hundred.

"I have been going back and reading all the stories you wrote.  They are really good, mom.  I really like reading them.  You are a good writer, mom. You should really keep writing more stories," he encouraged.

He went on to share the particular entries he enjoyed best. This was his favorite What a Day at the Park can Reveal.  Part of me has worried about how Kalvin may interpret some of what I have written.  You may understand what I mean after reading A Day at the Park.  But he was all smiles.  It was all good folks.  All good.

Wow, so here I am.  And it feels really good to be back.  I had written this story back in May right before Kalvin's ninth birthday. It is hard to believe that it has really been almost six months since I  sat down here to reflect or write.  And what a six months it has been.  I have completely changed my world, our world during this time.  Left my job after twelve and a half years to stay at home with my boys.  So much to share.  So lets get started.

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