Easing Anxiety With Each Game

Kalvin was playing street hockey with his dad when he got a ball in the nose.  An instant bloody nose.  His second bloody nose to date.  You can see the blood on his Bruins jersey.  His puffy nose.  His watery eyes.  So I guess it's official.  He is now a true hockey player.
Sports have been such a great distraction for Kalvin.  For his anxious mind.  Sports give him a lot to focus on.  The players.  The rules.  The talk shows.  He loves to watch [and play] hockey, baseball, and football.  Tonight I caught him watching fishing on NESN.
This is all new.  We only started watching hockey last year when Chris Kreider was pulled up from BC to play for the Rangers in the playoffs.  Kal was so excited to watch.  Kal was glued to the screen just waiting to see Chris' line skate.  His whole head would move as he followed Chris around on the ice.  Add a goal or two by young Chris and Kal was absolutely beside himself with joy.  I had never seen him so engaged and excited about something before.  Well, maybe Michael Jackson for a while.  It gave me such great feeling to see him so happy and so involved.  It was just good clean fun for the whole family to watch Chris soar and Kalvin right along with him.
Please note the sparkling purple slippers leftover from the Michael Jackson days.
This past fall, Lars and I were away for a weekend and my parents stayed with the kids.  It happened to be the weekend of the big Ohio State Michigan game.  A big event in my family.  Kalvin instantly became a Buckeye fan.  Not sure if it was the hot dogs or drinking out of a thermos while watching the game, but he was hooked.  And it helped that Ohio State won!  Then the Patriots followed.  Kalvin would plan all week for the big game.  This really kept him busy.  No one could know more about Tom Brady (and Gisele).  Kal would call grandpa during the games.  Several times.  They'd go over the plays.  Strategies.  Hoot and holler.  There was no turning back.
 Kalvin was devastated when the NHL season was delayed this year, but we made it to a Connecticut Whales game to watch Chris play.  It was great fun.  Chris even threw him a few pucks and a towel or two.  He was in his glory. 
And Finn enjoyed the popcorn.


Earlier this month we had the opportunity to skate at the TD garden.  Not sure who was more excited.  Lars or Kalvin?

For sure Finn was most excited about the food buffet.
 Now that the Bruins are playing...and in the playoffs.  Well, you can just imagine the excitement.

Kal went to his first Bruins game at the TD Garden.  It was right after the Boston Marathon tragedy.  Spirit in the Garden reached new heights.   Kalvin took it all in.   He insisted on buying the big bear claw and cheering madly with it.  Throughout the entire game.  Such fun.

Thanks goodness for DVR's so Kal can watch the second half of all the night games the next morning.  You know when he is up at 6 am.  Seven days a week.

We have been trying to figure out what has helped to ease Kalvin's anxieties this year.  They are still present,  but there has been a remarkable difference since January.  After the Marathon tragedies,  I noticed how Boston sports really helped unite the city.   Gave us something positive to focus on.  Preoccupy our minds for a few hours during a very stressful time.  We have always had tremendous spirit and pride here in Boston.  Well, obviously because we have the best teams,  but the spirit was never more passionate and united.  I started to think about Kalvin and his stresses.   I have to think sports have played a huge part in easing his mind.  Giving him something to talk to his classmates about.  Something fun to occupy his mind on a regular basis.  Sports really are just a great way for everyone to get involved.  Be a part of a team.  Lots of fun...especially when your team wins.

And now, as Kalvin says, "IT'S SPIRIT TIME!"


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