Life Is So Very Precious

A beautiful girl I was friendly with growing up and had the pleasure of seeing in recent years,  passed away this weekend.  She left behind her high school sweetheart who was also her husband and her four children.  Her life was cut short much too early.  It is sad and scary to lose someone suddenly.  When someone your own age passes away,  it stops you in your tracks.  It makes you really think.  This could have just as easily been me.  In this case,  it really made my mind also wander off  in a different direction.  Probably because of the way dear Sue was taken from us.  She was in the hospital having knee surgery.  I am told it was routine knee surgery.  We all know what I think of that word "routine".  I don't believe any hospital stay is ever routine so let's just she was in the hospital having knee surgery and leave it at that.  A few days later a blood clot went to her lungs.  She went into cardiac arrest.  She passed away.
It is hard for me not to think of Kalvin's upcoming surgery.  Is it absolutely necessary for his survival?  Is it worth the risk?  It is hard not to run through the "what ifs?"

It is hard to fully imagine the pain Sue's family is feeling right now and the loss they will endure forever.  Her three sons.  Her daughter,  her youngest and her only girl now motherless.  It is just too sad.  I can't wipe away the image of her husband kissing her goodbye and then sending her off into surgery;  thinking she would be home in a few days.  I wonder how I will be able to kiss Kalvin goodbye on June 27th  and not think of Sue.
 I wonder why.   Why would this happen?   And I think,  why not?   Bad things happen to good people too.   And then I think,  why not me?  Or Kalvin?   Surgery is scary.   I know Kalvin's  biggest fear is a needle.   He is happy to go to the doctor's,  even to stay in the hospital as long as we are with him and there are no needles involved.  If he only knew,  the needles are by far the least of his worries.
Just when I was warming up to the "summer of surgeries"  (June 27th and August 8th),  I find myself bulldozed over by fear, panic, and sadness.  I know we have to move forward with the plan for the artery stretching surgery on Kalvin's leg, but it just got a lot harder to digest.

 Please keep Sue's family in your prayers.
And hug your loved ones a little tighter.

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