Tuesdays with Kal & Finn

Tuesdays are my one day off during the week.
  I spend it like most mom's out there shuttling my little ones
 where they need to go.
 We have our routine. 
The three of us.
 It is fun for me because it is the only day
 I get to be with my boys on a school day.

 But in reality it is not all fun and roses.
Most of the time we are racing around to
 an orthodontist appointment,  piano lesson,  physical therapy
 or doctor appointment for someone. 
 Lately,  I have tried to make sure we have some fun together.
 The three of us. 
We have decided this summer
 to try and have a whole day of fun together
 every Tuesday.
Tuesdays with Kal & Finn. 
We will try and keep you up on our Tuesday adventures.
   Here is a continuation from this post here. 
 What a Day at the Park Can Reveal About Brotherhood.

 Finn brought us to his favorite park.

This boy just exuberates silliness and joy.

 He makes us all laugh.

Kalvin tends to be a bit more serious.  About most things.
Finn tends to be a bit silly.  About lots of things.  Big and small.
Just watch how he transforms a game of tether ball.

His laugh.  It makes you laugh.  And laugh.

This boy like to be near the girls!

Just look at that face.  He knows exactly what he is up to. 

He also loves nature.

And exploring.

Finn just loves to be like his big brother.



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