Today I woke up in a funk of sorts.  I needed inspiration.  I needed to feel.  I looked to a new friend.  Her words and pictures make me smile from the inside out.  They make me think.  She was just what I needed today.  She turned my day around.  I love when that happens.  When your intuition tells you to do something. You follow.  And your instinct is validated.  It makes you feel part of something bigger.  Today, when I checked in with Chrissy here.  I was reminded to look for happy in every day moments.  In the little things.  Thank you, friend.

Your day may start off with spilled coffee.

And then turned around by the joy of a morning ritual.  A little helper turning on your Vitamixer.

And even though summer is slipping away.  And it is a sunny 80 degree day.  And you have a doctor appointment scheduled smack in the middle of it.  You find your happy using your precious spare time to teach your boys about saving. 

Off we went to the local bank.
Piggy bank in hand.
Sat down and opened our first savings account.  Everyone was so excited.
Especially, when we learned that Dustin Pedroia saves his money at the same bank!

And there were prizes.
 And happy is a baseball bank.
And the smiles on their faces.
And you leave feeling that you've accomplished something.  However small.
When you search out the happy in your day,  your world turns around.  You may have to look hard and deep sometimes.  But when you really look, it is there.  And yah know-happy tastes good.

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