Tuesdays with Kal & Finn-Paying It Forward

As summer winds down, we have been trying to make the most of our Tuesdays.  Some Tuesdays, we have responsibilities to tend to.  Like a post surgical visit to Children's.  This Tuesday it wasn't so bad as the weather was not the brightest.

As we were making our way into Kalvin's post angioplasty checkup in Boston, we found ourselves sitting in Tobin Bridge traffic.  On a glum day to boot.  The traffic alone can dampen the happiest of people.  It is not a pretty bridge and painting it multiple times, that I can remember, hasn't helped a bit.  As we sat,  I found us all getting a little grumpier.

Here she is, the top of the Tobin Bridge. Under construction yet again.
Coming out the other side really isn't much brighter.
Trying to think of some little happy to turn our mood around, I remembered the dollars we were given at the start of summer mentioned here.  We were planning to "pay it forward" so as we approached the three dollar toll, I yelled out, "Boys, let's pay the toll for the car behind us and surprise them!"  Everyone perked up and even got a little excited.  A little happy.  The fog appeared to be lifting.

We got out our money and quickly scooted to the Cash Lane.  We told the Toll Booth Operator of our plan and handed over our money.  As we drove through we sloooweedd way down so we could watch the expression on the driver's face as the Toll Booth Operator explained that their toll had just been paid by the car in front of them...us!  It was fun.  Not the most original "pay it forward" I admit, but it worked to brighten our day as well.  We felt good.  Happy.

Really, you could see the fog lift right before our eyes.

We had to wait for what felt like an eternity for Dr. Alomari.  He was in surgery.  It is hard to get grumpy waiting for a doctor when you know he is in a surgical procedure that is taking longer than expected.  You don't even want him to rush because you think of the precious work he is performing.  You also know what it is like to be that parent waiting while your child's procedure takes longer than expected.  You pray all is going well for the patient and their family.  You have been there.

Kalvin took a nap.

And Finn and I, well we visited the bathroom six times.  Finn is officially potty trained.  Thanks to a delayed appointment at Children's!  See happy can be found everywhere.

And Kalvin's leg.  It looks fabulous.  We went over the ultra sound in detail.  And yes, Dr. Alomari asked me if I was a nurse or a doctor.  "Seriously, are you a doctor?  I can't remember," he asked me. "And you are asking the best questions."  For those who know me well,  you know this really made my happy.  Yes, I am a doctor.  With a degree from Google and Kalvin.

Kalvin, Finn and Dr. Alomari.  We go back in six months for another ultra sound.  Meanwhile, physical therapy both in school and outside of school.

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