Leave My Hand in Your Hand - CHD and Siblings

Kalvin had his three month ultra sound and visit with the doctor following the blood clot in his left leg.  As we approached the room, Kalvin began whining and complaining about the visit.  Nerves I imagine.  "You know how many ultra sounds I have had?" he asked no one in particular.  I looked at him and smiled and replied with an answer I am not too proud of, "Not as many as I have had."  I know it wasn't the answer a young boy who has undergone more medical procedures than any one person should have endured well into their adult years, but it fell out of my mouth.  He was just looking for a little sympathy.  He was suffering from a sinus infection as well and just wanted to be home already. 

He jumped up on the gurney in his usual cheery fashion, put a smile on his face and said to the technician, "Let's get started."

I tried to save face by commenting on what a good patient he is.  But on this afternoon, the most mature encouraging words were coming out of the mouth of a babe.  Kalvin's three year old brother.

Some days it feels like Finn has endured just about as much "medical torture" as Kalvin.  He is dragged along to witness a lot of it.  He is usually very upbeat.  Keeping us all on our toes.  We try to make it fun.  It is a good thing Finn is fascinated with the elevator buttons and kinda sad at the same time that he knows exactly which floor to push depending on the elevator we are in.

We try to spare Finn any appointment that may involve a needle or a lot of hours in a hospital.  But he likes to be with us and come along for the ride. I thought an ultra sound certainly was innocent enough; after all, Finn has been to quite a few by now.  On this particular afternoon though, Kalvin had been teasing Finn that he too was going to need an ultra sound.  As much as I reminded Kalvin not to tease his brother and reassured Finn that he was in fact not having any procedures, he was still very nervous.  When we went to sit down beside Kalvin's bed, Finn practically leaped into my lap. 

"Mommy hold me so Kalvin won't take me in the bed with him," he pleaded gripping my arm. 

"Hold my hand so Kalvaan won't get me in the bed." 

Kalvin went on in a playful brotherly way giggling. 

"Kalllvaaan, don't harraaasss me!" Finn yelled as he grabbed hold of my hand.

Once the technician began the ultra sound, Finn relaxed and even whispered in my ear, "Mommy, Kalvaan is a good patient." 

"Yes Finn, he is always such a good patient just like you are," I reminded him.

"Leave my hand in your hand mommy."

I whispered in his ear that he was being very brave just like Kalvin. He tightened his grip just a little more. 

"Finn, you are doing a good job, just like Kalvin," I reminded.  He smiled. 

It is so nice to be able to comfort him.  That just being there and holding his hand is enough.

"Mommy, this is fun."

Everything looked great for Kalvin's leg.  No sign of a blood clot.  The blood is still flowing nicely through his femoral artery.  Next appointment...six months!

We headed across the street to the pediatrician to get an antibiotic for Kalvin's case of sinusitis.  But not before stopping to pause at the ball drop. The boys love to follow the ball.

He watches so intently.

I love how his hand is on the glass.  Look at these little hands.  They grow so fast.

You can just see it all over Kalvin.  His face.  His posture.  He is not feeling well.  Kalvin has suffered with sinusitis his whole life.  Adenoids out.  Little help.  But a dose of Augmentin fixes it immediately.  The cases of sinusitis are also becoming fewer and farther in between as he grows. Thank goodness. We headed across the street to the world's best pediatrician!

Where Kalvin had a little fun with mirrors.  I think we were all delirious at this point.

Look at how big Kalvin's hands are getting.  They grow too fast.

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