Top 8 years old!

The day finally arrived.  It was time to get Kalvin's top braces.  The reason for Kalvin's braces is not to straighten his teeth, but to help move his bottom teeth and jaw back a bit.  He has a severe under bite and we are hoping the braces will adjust his jaw.  As we hoped,  after about six months, his bottom teeth have moved back a bit.  The orthodontist will adjust the treatment plan as we go along to assure his jaw is correcting as expected.  We are hoping to avoid jaw surgery which I hear is very long and painful. We chose the braces first thinking that Kalvin has a lot of orthodontic work in his future.  We didn't want to traumatize him out of the gate-at age seven. So far, the plan is working.

Kalvin, anxiously waiting the procedure to start.
The bottom braces have been easy peasy to deal with, but the thought of the top braces seemed to cause a lot of anxiety.  Kalvin was worried about the application process.  "Will I throw up (overactive gag reflex)?  Will it hurt?  Will I have to wear head gear at night? Head gear to school?"

So many worried thoughts running through his little mind. 

He is ready to get this over with.

Things moved right along.  Very little gagging, even with all the tools in his mouth.

Here they are drying the glue.  Kal was so patient.

I could not believe what I saw next.  Never, in all my days, have I ever seen one of these contraptions.  When the doctor held it up, I thought there was absolutely no way it was going to fit into Kal's mouth without an abundance of gagging.  I sat silent.  It turns out, I was so wrong.  The doctor plopped it into his mouth and wallah...

We stared in disbelief.  Finn, nor I,  could believe what we were witnessing.  We were stunned.  One just never knows.

No problem, even with this all going on simultaneously!
Kalvin was still as could be.  Just chillin'.
He couldn't wait to sit up and check out his new wires.

 He really wasn't sure what to make of all the new hardware in his mouth.

The top braces have turned out to be just as easy peasy as the bottom braces. 
Thank you all for stopping by.  Please feel free to ask us any questions in the comments or via email.  This previous post on bottom braces has been one of my most popular posts.  I see that people are reading it every day so I wanted to be sure to keep you up on our braces journey.  Thank you.

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