A True Inspiration

About eight years ago,  I became friends with a family who changed my life, The Lacey Family.  Kalvin was a baby and Will Lacey was too.  A baby.  A baby diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.  His father, Pat, wrote an amazing blog about their life.  A blog that inspired me to be a better parent.  A blog the made you realize life is so very precious.  I read Pat's blog every day and prayed for their family.  I could not get them out of my mind.  For years, everything I did with Kalvin, I thought of Will.  I prayed for a miracle.  Miracles come in all forms.  It seems theirs came in the form of one
Dr. Scholler. 

Pat is a truly talented writer.  Take a moment and visit his blog and be inspired by his words on parenting in his last entry-Pride.  For Pat and Will have a lot to be proud of.  I promise you,  you will be inspired.

  Will's picture hangs on my refrigerator.  Everyone in my family knows who Will is.  Everyone knows who Will is because of what he does and who he is and not because of what he has (whisper... shhh cancer).  We don't even think of that anymore.  We think of Will the hockey player around here and apparently, that is Pat's hope.  

"And all along I lived my entire life and did all of these innumerable things with the indefensible hope that one day he’d have a chance at a life like a normal kid."  ~Pat Lacey

All parents carry around a lot of hope for their families.  Maybe heart parent's and cancer parent's hope looks a lot different from other parent's hope.  Maybe not so much.  Maybe it all looks pretty similar. 

Thank you Pat, once again for inspiring me.

Kalvin 6 months...be inspired.

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