The Lucky Bean-Superstitions

Lars and I picked this bean up on the beach during our honeymoon in Turtle Island, Fiji.  We had heard the legend of the "lucky bean" and packed a few away in our suitcase.  Never did we imagine then, the things we would be asking of this little bean.

This little lucky bean has provided a sense of hope and security ever since Kalvin's CDH diagnosis at twenty weeks. The bean was securely tucked away in Lars' pocket during my first fetal echo on January 7, 2005.  It was there in Lars' pocket at Kalvin's birth.  At every surgery.   At every cardiology appointment Kalvin has ever had.  We have even turned around and gone back home to retrieve the bean when it was accidently left behind.  We have faith in the lucky bean.

I am very familiar with superstitions.  I was a nanny for many years for a professional baseball player.  We went to all the games.  There were many game day rituals.  We watched Nomar Garciaparra's glove-tugging and helmut tapping at bats over and over again.  At every at bat.  Every night.  Baseball players (and fans) have many superstitions which lead to a variety of strange rituals.   The one player that I always found to be the most unbelievable was Wade Boggs'.  His wife would describe to us his strict daily routine.  It was hard for me to fathom Wade's superstitions.  Did he really believe he needed to follow this routine every night or his game would change?  His luck would run out? We chuckled as he ate chicken before each game,  took batting practice at exactly 5:17 and wrote "Chai" in the sand before each at bat.  Really?  This is all necessary?  Now, all these years later,  I find I can finally relate and understand why Wade was eating chicken every game night.  I understand that Wade really believed in these rituals.  He needed them.

We need the bean in Lars' pocket whenever we step foot in the lobby to Children's Hospital.  I frantically ask Lars if he has the bean as we head out the door to an appointment.  Then, I ask again later when we are in the middle of an echo.  "Psss," I whisper, "Do you have the bean?"  And Lars will take it out of his pocket,  rub it a few times and show it to me.  The bean provides comfort.  the bean has not let us down.

As we contemplate Kalvin undergoing Dr. Kim's artery stretching procedure,  I find myself wondering if we have we asked too much of the bean already?  Are we being greedy?  When does the bean's magic run out?  Does it's luck ever run out?  Perhaps,  just maybe, it's magic goes on forever.

 I was thinking there are probably many families who also follow a ritual,  have a lucky charm or a spiritual belief that they use during check-ups, surgeries or difficult times.  What is your lucky bean??  Love to hear them - please leave a note in the comment field.

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