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Kalvin and his guinea pig...Charlie.
I was reading to Kalvin last night from my wonderful book For You, Just Because You're Very Special to Me  - Thoughts to Share with a Wonderful Person by Douglas Pagels.  I have mentioned this book before here:   We Don't Always Get Chanced Like These.   Kalvin gets very excited when I read to him from this special book and;  therefore,  so do I!   Kalvin always seems to have something nice to say when I am through reading.  Last night was no different,  just...well you'll see.

I began:

In this World

There are a few absolute gems in this world.
They are the people who make a tremendous
difference in other people's lives...  with the
smiles they give,

Insert Kalvin blurting out, "Catherine."
I continued:

the blessings they share, and
the way they warm the hearts of everyone
around them.

Kalvin pops in another, "Catherine."
I continued:

Those rare and remarkable people are so
deserving of every hope and happiness.

I went on:

They are the people who are incredibly
unique, enormously thanked, and endlessly
appreciated for everything they do.

And one of those wonderful,
deserving, and one-of-a-kind people
is most definitely...  you.

"And Catherine," Kalvin finished.

So you see,  not exactly the recognition I was looking for,  but sweet and heart warming just the same.  That is, as long as Catherine conitnues to be sweet and nice to my boy!

If your confused about "Catherine" or just want to read more about her see prior posts: A Different Kind of Broken Heart,    Wedding Update    and   It Felt Like Water...

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