Weight Loss after Cath Lab

Yes, that is snow in our backyard on Easter!
 Kalvin started complaining on Easter that his scar hurt.  His Zipper.  Hmmm, I have never heard him say anything like this before.  I didn't really think it was anything heart related, but then I started to think...the stent.  We have an appointment on May 8th to make sure the stent is in place.  What if it moved?  What would happen?  Then he said his arm hurt.  My stomach tightened.  Isn't that a sign of a heart attack?  I tried not to let my imagination run wild,  but Kal never complains. 

Lucky for us,  for me,  my mom is a cardiac nurse and was on her way over for Easter dinner.  A quick exam by nurse Grandma and we discovered that the scar and arm pain were most likely a result of swinging the new and heavier baseball bat at baseball practice Saturday night.  Phewww. 

But that wasn't Kalvin's only symptom.  He has had some noticeable weight loss since his cath lab on January 16th.  Kalvin has been more active this winter thanks to his dad.  They have gone skiing and or skating every weekend on top of his already busy schedule of karate and PT. 

The weight loss really began after a visit to the Cheesecake Factory.  Kalvin enjoyed a big pasta dinner followed by some delectable cheesecake and then...and then some heaving.  I don't know if you have ever been in a Cheesecake Factory restaurant, but the tables are very close-intimate dining with your neighbors.  I glanced to my left and then to my right and envisioned Kalvin throwing up at the table and it wasn't a pretty sight.  I had to act quickly.  I wrapped my arm around Kalvin and maneuvered us around the many tables,  grabbing a bus-boy bucket we passed on our way out the door.  We made it outside.  Barely.  Kalvin threw up safely in the bucket...outside of the restaurant!  I think the embarrassment, and the fact that no one likes to throw up,  has made Kal stave off sweets.  We thought this was sort of a good thing at first and didn't make a big deal out of it.  Whenever we drive by the Cheesecake Factory or someone says the word "cake,"  Kalvin will begin to groan and put his hand up over his mouth and groan some more.  Then a little chuckle.  But part of me knows he is serious and we won't be dining at a Cheesecake Factory restaurant in the near future.  We hope this lack of eating is just a phase that he will soon grow out of.  After all, how long can one really survive without chocolate?

Lately though, Kalvin has been eating very small meals and his weight has continued to drop.  He took one look at his Easter basket and said,  "All chocolate?  That's it?  Ohhh, I can't look at it!" and he walked right past it.  Meanwhile,  Finn was all ready half way through his first chocolate Easter bunny!  I had to wonder if the baby aspirin Kal has been taking since his cath lab was making his stomach queasy.  It is small, but so is he.  This is just not the Kalvin we know.  Not even close.  

As the day went on, Kalvin became more lethargic and his face turned a pasty white.  He took two or three bites of his Easter dinner - mostly because he was trying to mimic his big cousin, Logan.   As we went upstairs for bed,  I decided I would weigh him.  I was shocked at the numbers I saw on the scale.  He had dropped from seventy six pounds on January 16th to sixty six pounds on March 31st.  Wow, ten pounds.  That is a lot.

The next morning I called his pediatrician and made an appointment.  Then, I did something I don't think I have ever done, I called his cardiologist.  I was assured that his weight was not a problem as long as it doesn't continue to drop and that it is a result of eating less and being more active.  And then I was reminded that; after all, this is a good thing because he was in the upper range weight measurement for his height.  The doctor also said his symptoms didn't sound like a cardiac issue.  Phewww.  If the stent had moved, which is highly unlikely, (but you know how I feel about statistics after we became the 1 in 100)  we would see breathing issues.  Serious breathing issues.  I explained, embarrassingly,  how I never call them and moved on to the pediatrician's office where I don't even have to spell my long last name anymore we call so frequently.

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