You Are a Very Special Person

I want you to know how amazing you are.
I want you to know how much you're
treasured and celebrated and quietly thanked.

I want you to feel really good...
about who you are.
About all the great things you do!

I want you to appreciate your uniqueness.
Acknowledge your talents and abilities.
Realize what a beautiful soul you have.
Understand the wonder within...

You make so much sun shine through, and
you inspire so much joy in the lives of
everyone who is lucky enough to know you.

You are a very special person, giving so
many people a reason to smile...

Today here in Boston, we witnessed once again, how precious life is.  You truly never know what your last words to someone might be.  I read this to Kalvin tonight and emphasized how much I love him.  What a very special person he is.  I am very lucky to have had this opportunity.  Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone suffering tonight.

Taken from: For you, Just Because You're Very Special to Me

by Doug Pagels

Kalvin fell asleep while playing with Charlie.  He is still recovering from Influenza B.  He gets very tired by dinner time now-so unlike him.

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