It felt like water was being poured over my hair

Kalvin is eating again-you can see from the sauce on his face!
 Kalvin has been home sick from school all week with Influenza B.  Read Influenza B   Most of the time he has been sleeping,  but he has also watched much more tv than I would like to admit…or tell my husband about.  Last night on the Disney Channel,  we were watching and an episode of the sitcom Jessie.   Jessie thought her boyfriend was going to propose to her,  but it ends up being a big misunderstanding.  I could see Kalvin’s mind spinning as he watched it all unravel.  He looked a bit concerned.  Perplexed perhaps.  I waited for him to say something to me about all that had just transpired between Jessie and her boyfriend.  He didn't.  Those that know me,  know it was no easy task.  I am not good at waiting quietly.  But I did.  I waited.  And waited.  Mostly because I wasn't sure what was mulling around in his head and I didnt' want to raise concern that wasn't already there.  He never commented or asked any questions about the episode.

Later in the evening after Kalvin's shower,  he told me how happy he was that he had asked Catherine to marry him before his friend Gabe did.  He said, "Gabe was so jealous when I told him the news that I asked Catherine to marry me." 

He went on, "Gabe was really bummed because he said he was going to ask Catherine to marry him!"  Kalvin reported this all with a big smirk across his face.  He looked as if he had just won a big prize.

“Mom,” he continued,  still smiling ear to ear.  “When I asked Catherine to marry me,  I felt like water was being poured over my hair.   It felt all tingly.  It felt soooo good.  I was so excited she said yes.”

Is it the protective motherly instinct in me that has me just waiting for the other shoe to drop?  Waiting for his little heart to be broken.

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